Does the EngagePro Rapid Results Training Deliver?

Well, you already know:

  • a referred prospect has a 4x greater closing rate compared to other leads.
  • and that referred clients have a higher retention rate
  • that referred clients also refer others at a higher rate
  • and referred clients have a higher lifetime value!
  • And now is promoting EngagePro to millions of members!

Now just look at what these people said about on training!

"Tom's approach to getting referrals is so on point that it has been life changing for me. And Tom truly practices what he preaches because he knows it is effective at both enhancing business AND your personal life as well. I highly recommend Tom's Best Referrals program!"

Dennis Carroll

Certified Fire Walk Instructor,

NLP Practitioner/Coach

Westchester, PA

"Thank you, Tom, for this amazing “Best Referrals Success Bootcamp”. You have made this daunting process easy to implement. This process combined with the EngagePro tool is a game changer. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow their business by building meaningful relationships that lead to great reciprocal referrals."

Janet Lienhard

CEO Virtual Instructor

San Diego

"When Tom says he has a tool that eases how you create business, he knows! I can attest that 70% of my business has historically been from referrals. Until Best Referrals and Tom, getting them was mostly accidental. With Tom’s expertise and the proof of his training, I don’t have to rely on luck anymore. I can move into referral relationships and get new clients intentionally!  Today, I'm engaging in everything Tom brings forward as I know it has real value! "

Pamela Stambaugh,

President-Accountability Pays, Inc.

San Diego

"Your Best Referrals course was extremely beneficial and well-structured. Your class material is filled with wisdom and is real easy to follow. It helped me implement strategies to expand my network and keep key people engaged. I highly, recommend this training to anyone who wants to grow their business by focusing on relationships."

Jauher Zaidi

Technology Consultant

San Diego

"For many years, my new clients came by attending live events where I could interact with people. With Covid, I didn't attend a single one for 2 years. Even with Zoom, things weren't the same. Getting new clients and new revenues just dried up.

Tom's Best Referrals solved this for me with his training and weekly coaching sessions. He clearly knows what he is talking about. He's made it extremely clear and easy for me to build my new referral network.

Thanks, Tom, for a great new way to grow my business."

Jim Butz,

Business Growth Coach

Carlsbad, CA

"There's a lot in the name "Best Referrals." Most of us in the consulting business know the value of referrals. Yet, we're usually not effective in doing the things to consistently get them.  Tom has broken down this process into a few key steps that any of us can use.  Now, I'm meeting the best business people and their introductions are opening doors that I would otherwise never know existed.

This is far and away, above other networking and referral systems that promise but never deliver anything."

Rodney Rohm,

President: 208 Wireless Business Integration Inc.

Meridian, ID

And so many more

have had great results over the years...

-Steve McFarland Vistage Carmel, IN... 9 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-Jonas Littman Vistage Grenwich, CT... 9 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-Cynthia Wrasman Vistage Phoenix, AZ... 18 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-David Spann Vistage Boise, ID... 18 Referrals & 4 New Clients in first 12 weeks

-Jason Kirkham The Growth Coach Riverton, UT... 9 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-Charles Alvarez Focal Point Coaching Katy, TX... 15 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-Jim Bartlett B2B CFO Arlington, TX... 9 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-Christopher Buls B2B CFO Phoenix, AZ... 12 Referrals in first 12 weeks

-John Earll B2B CFO Missoula, MT... 11 Referrals in first 12 weeks

So what would getting 8, 10 or even more new "perfect

referrals" and winning new sales every single month mean to you? 

Think about what could be your own success story!
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